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SYNQMINE Overview:

The CFO role faces a plethora of pressures. As the job evolves from that of traditional finance and accounting executives to a broadly strategic function within enterprises fundamental changes in business models and non-traditional challengers require a post-modern CFO archetype to emerge. We focus on a wide range of business pitfalls and convert them into opportunities. Branding is an aspect that a lot of businesses tend to minimize on their day to day operations. Therefore, when a business tries to implement a strategic differentiation they tend to suffer to penetrate the market given to the poor understanding of day one branding strategy. Revenue growth a very common issue new business face and the need to implement killing strategies that can unlock sales and marketing funnels are needed to make a difference in the modern marketplace. Once the previous strategies are fully implemented the need to jump into operational efficiency is required to ensure the resources are being utilized at full capacity and the regulatory compliance is just a day to day task that happens seamlessly. This is a very common process that our firm focusses on any business that wishes to make a difference in today's economy. 

 We strive to offer a variety of remarkable services to cope with the needs of businesses such as general accounting services, entity selection, corporate tax returns, individual tax returns, payroll services, accounting software selection and implementation, and general consulting services.

 SYNQMINE aims to be the firm of the future.  We utilize QuickBooks Online (QBO) to increase our flexible ability to work.  We support most of the accounting systems as long as they give the flexibility to collaborate with a group of professionals involved in the business. Reports can be shared with your CPA or people you trust to have access to your financial data.



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